5 Pillars of Hip Hop

Music constructed by the main conductor of Hip Hop – DJing (Aural) is what we’re bringing to you for this episode! Learn all about it and more at this month’s showcase!

Big Chan and Seddie bring you this month’s 5 Pillars Of Hip Hop (DJing) featuring amazing artists. Come by and vibe in person or tune in online and be a part of this series!

This is the 4th of 5 monthly events, Every 2nd Thursday from May – September. This series explores the Pillars of Hip Hop – MCing (oral), DJing (aural) breaking (physical), graffiti (visual) , knowledge (mental) through performance, visual art, and sharing. Find out more about the Five Pillars, and the origin of these traditions. This event will be located at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park outside in the garden, weather permitting. Come by and vibe with us!