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WHALE (Waterfront Area Historic LeaguE, Inc.)

The mission of WHALE is to foster historic preservation and continued use of the city’s architectural heritage to enhance community and economic vitality in New Bedford. WHALE accomplishes this through the restoration and reuse of historic structures for the economic and community development of New Bedford,

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The First Unitarian Church in New Bedford

The First Unitarian Church in New Bedford is inspired by a long history of tolerance, social responsibility, and spiritual exploration. We envision a congregation in which we practice the principles of our faith. We seek to enjoy peaceful reflection and inspiration in intellectually and spiritually satisfying church services. We aim to embrace the people and efforts of our church community by supporting our children and their programs, our committees and their goals, our staff and their efforts on our behalf, and each other.

We aim to help address the larger community’s challenges in such areas as racial, social, and economic justice; ecological sustainability; education; and support of the arts. We endeavor to reflect in our own growing numbers, the cultural and ethnic diversity of our area. We commit to enhancing our understanding and acceptance of the diverse religious expression present in our greater community, including reaching out to other faiths in mutual respect and with shared goals.

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New Bedford Creative at the NBEDC

New Bedford Creative is housed at the New Bedford Economic Development Council, and tasked with implementing the city’s first-ever strategic arts and culture plan, published in December 2018. The vision of the plan is that “In New Bedford, the creative community is an engaged and powerful partner, inspiring social, economic, and cultural growth. In this authentic seaport city, each and every person enjoys an opportunity to experience a diversity of cultures. Art is everywhere, encouraging fun, provoking thought, and nurturing the soul.”

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Co-Creative Center

The mission of the Co-Creative Center (CO+) is to establish a footprint for creative enterprise in the historic downtown of New Bedford, which connects, supports and celebrates artists and cultural entrepreneurship.

The Co-Creative Center is a platform for the creative community that provides access to a flexible a workspace, studio, classroom, exhibition space and event space as needed. In fact, the Co-Creative Center is designed to provide all of the needs for creatives to thrive and build capacity in the city and region.

Beyond its physical attributes, CO+ serves as an active creative community hub. That provides the opportunity to build relationships among peers, partners and organizations by working together, sharing resources and benefiting from the art of community.

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Pilgrim United Church of Christ/Mercy Meals & More

Pilgrim United Church of Christ is an historic church that welcomes and affirms all people regardless of their age, race, class, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation. Our church service is at 10am every Sunday. Mercy Meals & More is a non-profit human service organization that operates out of the historic Church Home across the street and offers a free breakfast and other services Monday through Saturday each week to those in need from 6:30-7:30am. Both the Church and Church Home buildings were constructed in the late 1800s on the corner of Purchase and School St. as the Trinitarian Church and Booker T. Washington gave a speech at the Church Home in 1895.

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First Unitarian Church in New Bedford

We are a liberal, progressive, religious community. We come together to support one another in building the Beloved Community. We help each other live lives of integrity, service, and love by offering; thoughtful and engaging worship that combines both head and heart, engaging workshops, interesting book groups, leadership roundtables, social opportunities for learning and sharing, and opportunities to give back to the larger community and to be in service with others.

Our building, which is Norman Gothic in style, was designed by the distinguished architects Alexander Jackson Davis and Russell Warren. Constructed in 1838 at a cost of about $40,000, it required 7,000 tons of granite, some blocks weighing as much as eight tons. The style of the interior details is Gothic, yet the spaciousness of the well-lighted interior and the simplicity and precision of the decorative elements have much in common with the Greek revival designs of the same period. In 1868 a chapel was added behind the church. In 1896 the Parish House was constructed with a style of architecture matching the original church building. In 1955 office space and meeting rooms were constructed in the basement.

The mosaic behind the pulpit was given in 1911 as a memorial to Judge and Mrs. Oliver Prescott by their three children, Oliver Prescott, Jr., Mrs. Frederick Stetson, and Miss Mary R. Prescott. Frederick Wilson was the artist who made the design for the Tiffany Studios. A Pilgrim ascending a dangerous mountain pass is guided on his way by a Guardian Angel. It is the largest and most intricate work of its kind in America, covering over 300 square feet of wall space and containing many thousands of pieces of Favrile glass set in cement. 

The office is open Monday-Friday, 10 am – 1 pm, September-June. Visit us during AHA! nights, during Sunday service at 11 AM, or fellowship in the Parish Hall after service. All are welcome to join us.

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Workers Art Center

The Worker’s Art Center (WAC) supports the artistic endeavors of working people focusing on social justice, labor and racial justice, and civil rights. WAC presents inspiring and insightful programming which promotes visual art, live music, poetry, movies, creative educational presentations, oral history and storytelling. All are invited to participate!

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