A Creative Arts Display from Child & Family Services

In recognition of May Mental Health Awareness Month enjoy a showcase of the creative and artistic talents of CFS workers/providers of mental health services and learn how they utilize the arts as a form of self-expression, shedding negative emotions, building self-esteem, and processing.

Paintings & Process with David Godinez
7pm on Instagram and Zoom
David Godinez, Intensive Care Coordinator with the CSA program picked up his first brush at the age of 10 and has been interested in painting since. Painting has always been on the sidelines as a mild hobby and the first formal training was a two week course when he was in the sixth grade. Mostly self taught, David continues to work on his brush techniques and explore different painting styles; abstract, impressionism, realism, to name a few. With only a handful of paintings produced in the last 20 years, David hopes that in sharing some of his paintings and their emotional significance he can convey the process of his own self-doubt, and guide new painters to pick up a brush of their own.
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Lamp Making with TronArt
7:30pm on Youtube Live
Victoria LaTronica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working with families in Eastern Massachusetts. She repurposes mannequins to create unique lamps that are certain to cause conversation. Her work discusses body-image, empowerment, and human resilience.  Victoria  will be discussing the stories behind her work and answering questions, including how you can create your own lamps at home, necessary tools and lessons learned during her evolution as an artist.
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Poetry & Movement with Jenna Tremblay
Jenna Tremblay  is an intern at CBAT in New Bedford, MA, and is graduating with her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy this week from Lesley University. She believes that the arts can be a way to heal and thrive within a chaotic society filled with complications, complexities and diagnoses. The arts can teach us so much about ourselves. Jenna loves running Expressive Arts Therapy groups at CBAT and CCS and looks forward to being a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and Drama Therapist. She is a native of New Bedford and spends her time acting, directing, choreographing, painting, producing, and performing as a statue/tree or other characters for companies in RI.  She currently enjoys House Management at RIC, teaching and serving as Performing Arts Chair in a RI School, serving on an arts strategic board, coordinating the Young PlayRIYTs, and educational development and fundraising for an equity theatre in MA. Jenna has loved being a part of the Child & Family Services community for two years as an intern and looks forward to a career supporting others’ mental health and wellness in our community.
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Introduction and Haiku titled “Depression” by Jake Orlowitz
“I was inspired by this piece due to the reality that I am holding alot of worry, sadness, anxiety and sadness from the students that I am teaching right now as well as being a student myself during this time of uncertainty and interruption. At the end of the haiku we see the realization that despite struggle and sadness, hope and empathy can be the result that we need to cope.”
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– Movement Piece “Rise Up” Andra Day
In tribute to May Mental Health Month and our relationship to a society to “Rise Up” during this pandemic, to become better versions of ourselves amidst struggle, the palpable heaviness, uncertainty and adversity of the current times.
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Child and Family Services Creative Outlet
Videos from professionals in the mental health field sharing the ways they take care of
their own mental health.
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Other Virtual Offerings

Child & Family Services’ Virtual Tour
Take a peek inside Child & Family Services’ 24-Hour Programs with a VIP virtual tour of their
North Street location in New Bedford and learn about what they do!
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Bursting the Stigma: Confetti…Popping…Mess…
A video about bursting the stigma of mental health.
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