AHA! Featured in Cape Cod Life

A Short Trip To The Old World
New Bedford is home to a remarkably successful and enduring event entitled AHA! Representing the city’s Art, History and Architecture, the monthly celebration that occurs the 2nd Thursday of each month has been attracting visitors and participants for over 20 years.
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Philanthropy Cape-Style
Just like the exclamation that is uttered in response to a good idea, AHA! The New Bedford Art*History*Architecture (AHA!) event that is presented free to the public every 2nd Tuesday of each month serves a purpose other cultural organizations simply can’t do. The nonprofit organization that brings together traditional retail, restaurants, professionals like architects, designers and educators, as well as artists and musicians, transforms the landscape of New Bedford for one highly anticipated day, each month of the year. Focused in the historic district of New Bedford, with its cobblestone streets and old-world architecture, AHA! events are a mash-up of a street festival, an artisan fair, a music festival and a gallery crawl.
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